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Karnataka India


21 Sep, 2017 ( 5 years ago )

By: Wandertrails

Rating Type No Rating Budget US $0 - US $59 per night

Brindavan Estate Homestay - A Wandertrails Showcase

Brindavan Estate Homestay - A Wandertrails Showcase

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Sometimes happiness lies in just the simple things of life, and you don't need to go far searching for it. The whiff of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine on the poolside, the chirps of the songbirds at dusk... little things experienced at this homestay in Coorg could also be your reason for happiness.

Nestled amid 40 acres of coffee plantations, peppered with vines of redolent cardamom, this hideout, far from the city din is perfect for those seeking a quiet and unperturbed time in the lap of nature. The meandering roads through verdant hills will lead you to this Coorg homestay, and once you arrive, there would be a caretaker to greet you and take you in.

Music : Coffee_Stains (Youtube Audio Library)

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