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Jodhpur - Most Preferable Location
Rajasthan India


2 Oct, 2012 ( 5 years ago )

By: IndiaTopHotels

Rating Type 8+ Ratings Budget US $0 - US $59 per night

Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli

Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli
Situated at the base of the imposing Mehrangarh Fort, this Jodhpur hotel provides guests close proximity to many of the historical destinations that define this city. The Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli is also close to the center of the city where there are numerous commercial and luxury diversions to be had. The Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli will provide guests with a complementary transport service to the Jodhpur International Airport.

The Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli contains 28 rooms in total. The rooms are decorated in a fashion that pays tribute to their historic roots.

The Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli is a restored facility which maintains connections to its historic roots while offering, at the same time, modern amenities. There are four separate restaurants located on the premises which serve a wide variety of cuisines. Those guests who wish it may arrange to take part in a special dinner where folk dancers and a bonfire provide the backdrop to a culturally-enriching experience.

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