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Leh - Ladakh
Jammu and Kashmir India


13 Oct, 2011 ( 3 years ago )

By: Sheila Simkin

Rating Type 7+ Ratings Budget US $59 - US $110 per night

The Maitreya Ladakh

The Maitreya Buddha at Mulbek, Ladakh
There's nothing like a 9 meter/30 foot tall Buddha along the Ladakh National Highway to open your eyes! The Maitreya Buddha (Future Buddha) is located in Mulbek/Mulbekh,, supposedly dating from the 11th century, carved into the limestone.

However, a geologist staying at the J&K Bungalows/Guest House with us disagrees on the Buddha's age. He thinks the Buddha would have eroded significantly over 1,000 years in soft limestone. Whatever century the Maitreya Buddha was from, it is beautiful and imposing from all angles.

Mulbekh Monastery is built on top of a rock above the main road. Containing precious relics, we had no time or desire to see yet another monastery with at least an 8 hour drive ahead before arriving in Leh.

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