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Leh - Ladakh
Jammu and Kashmir India


27 Jul, 2012 ( 5 years ago )

By: Sheila Simkin

Rating Type No Rating Budget US $0 - US $59 per night

Deskit Villa

Welcome to The Deskit Villa Boutique Lodge Leh, Ladakh
After three stays in the Deskit Villa Guesthouse, Upper Leh Road, the brand new Deskit Village Boutique Lodge was a revelation. We watched workers carrying brick by brick up from the road in both 2010 and 2011 and wondered if it would ever be done! I imagine Lobsang, our tour operator, thought the same...

It was definitely worth waiting for. The New Deskit Villa has the same hospitable staff, always tasty organic and vegetarian food (much grown in their own garden), is eco friendly, has comfy beds and views to stop your heart. It bears repeating that Travels With Sheila always gives honest reviews and doesn't receive "freebies" from anyone; and that includes Skywalker Travel. (I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice if anyone ever decides to send me to Madagascar on their dime, for example.)

Check out the New Deskit Villa for your Leh stay and enjoy their hospitality.

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